Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That's our motto

This weekend was long, and hot, and jam packed.. In all the right ways too..

With a forcast of all rain, all weekend, it was pretty ambitious to have Keiths family visit, and to throw a cookout. But God had something else in mind. He blessed us with blue skies, hot days, cool nights and fun times.. Thank you Lord.

They arrived on Friday night, after the daycare party, and stayed until early this morning.

We got up every morning, had a good breakfast( thanks to my hubby), did fun things ALL day, stayed up late playing games at night, and doing it all over for three days straight. Austin had a blast, and was quite the little tropper for us.

playing mini golf

and getting very SERIOUS about it too..

Austin played too..
On Saturday we had a cookout..

a summer treat. just for mommy's

playing in his pool

brother and sister

MY family

yummy foods, and three grammies in one picture

YUMMY watermelon

grandpa and ozzy

player ladder ball
ON Sunday we went to the beach, and fished

Maine - The Way Life should be..
hey, it is our state motto!

I had such a good weekend, and hope for many more with nice nights, and family days!

thank you guys so much!!

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