Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend

This past weekend Keith and gramp found these cute little guys.

puppy Foxes

cute little pups
They are cute. BUT. only from afar. Its nerve racking with a little, and a friendly doggie around, being around a protective mother fox, but they are far enough away that Austin doesnt go up by himself, and neither does the dog.

They are cute to look at, and we didnt even point them out to Austin at all, just in pictures.. Didnt want him running up to them. ( I doubt he would)

But, while this was going on, I was feeling productive cleaning our carpets, and Keith helped Rus sheet rock. Keith has gone almost 4 weeks now without any ciggs. Which just means all he does is eat, and move.move.move..
Dont ge tme wrong I love it.. ( not in a gross way..winkwink)
We have gotten so much done.

I even made THREE rhubarb banana cobblers..

Then, we were going to go to the petting zoo in town, but it was really looking sort of thunder-y and storm-y
So we did this instead..

And you wanna talk about a proud daddy?
Just watch him teach his son to fish, and watch hi ACTUALLY do it..

So amazing to see.

Our son is growing so fast, and getting so much smarter and indendent as each day passes.

I have had some promising job stuff. And have really gained ALOT of ground on our book ( hope to be 'published' by Christmas)

Not to mention, I LOVE, and Austin LOVES going to nana's and Papa's almost each day, playing with Kids and doing lots of work..


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