Saturday, July 16, 2011

If you know me.. well, you know what I love, and how I roll..

I like to have fun, I like to take pictures, and I love to just live life happy! mostly, I do.. I am a really lucky girl! I have such a great husband, wouldnt have it any other way.. I have the most beautiful son, and sooooo many family members who I love, and really love me too!

I get all shivery thinking about how loved we are!

So. what have we been up to you ask?

Well, Im glad you did ask, because I have been dying to tell you.. ;)

We have met some new friends, and Its the most perfect situation. Keith found his perfect identical match, and awesomely enough I found one in his wife ( I think they are happy about this, because they sneak off to fish ALL the time... )

So we have been having a blast, in our double dating honeymoon stage..

Last week they brought us hiking, as if you forgot that!!

And seriously, we had to become best friends right? its just too perfect, not to!

so any way.. We are in love! and lovin' life!

oh and if your wondering, Austin and their baby are gonna be best friends too, its decided!!

Heres a few pics for ya!

Mr & Mrs

Me n Katie

arnt they handsome?

Apparently I think so.. or maybe that was the southern comfort talking? who knows!

Have a good weekend..

** Austin Update**

Austin is doing a lot better with his mouth, the swelling is ALL the way back to normal. and his burn is completly gone too! He has earned 8 cars ( matchbox) for peeing on the potty, you gotta catch him at the right time and mood ( if you know what I mean, hes a little tempermental) he has yet to poop, BUT this is progress for us, this kid doesnt care any about the potty, and Im pretty sure he does it jsut for the cars..
but still..

oh and guess what?
he hasnt come into our bed in the middle of the night, FOR 6 NIGHTS!!!! AND falls asleep on his own too..

he is growing up so fast...

enjoying his pops!

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