Sunday, July 10, 2011

The journey

Whoever said the "its not about the ending, its the journey that counts"
Isnt an out-of-shape 20- something mother of a toddler, yup that would be me!

We met some new friends, and went hiking, looking back Im glad we did it as our first 'double/family date"
however, while I was huffing, puffing, seizing, hyperventilating, sweating, and panting I didnt think it was such a good idea. There were times when I wanted to quit, I almost did, there were times when I was so tired, so exashted I HAD to take a break, I sometimes slowed up the crew,
but getting to the top.
It was like crossing a finish line in a marathon, it was something to be proud of.
Which is such a good reminder of parenthood, of marraige, relationships, and life in general.

Its hard. Its sweaty, sometimes you think you cant do it, sometimes you fight, swear, kick and scream. But then there are the beautiful moments that you experince, that you would have never gotten to if it were not for the long ass journey up the mountain to begin with.

Like meeting new people, forming new bonds, learning things about yourself you never knew, growing closer to your husband, and God.

Its corny, but so true!

Life is beautiful, and the finish line is so great! And the journey up the hill with people who I barley know, was an experience. Not only did they get to meet a very outof shape little french girl ( I tripped a lot) But we got to know each other, and expiernce it together!

Bottom line - the journeys arent always the pretties part, the funnest or the best part, but thats where the bonds are made, and the lessons learned. And memories, hey! I love memories!

the pre-hike nap ( wish I would have taken one, looking back)

waking up on the trail

taking a break, half way up.. or was it the begining, who knows


my heart!

the 'crew'

Austin playing with puppy doggies
AHH!! feels nice !

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