Saturday, August 28, 2010

Austin's first trip to the Zoo

Today we trucked on down to York, about a two hour drive from our home, where there is a big animal kingdom. 
York Wild Animal Kingdom welcomed us!
We started out with monkeys, and ducks, and saw soo many wild animals..
just hanging around

Doesn't his face look painted on? thats what we thought anyways!

ape eating 

elephant rides, which we opted to wait another year for
Austin loved the elehpant, with his fearlessness for rides, he probably would have enjoyed it, but we chose to hold off another year..

more monkeys
Then it was on down to the what seemed like thosands of ducks, ducks, ducks..
and this would probally be Austin's favorite part, without a doubt.. They weren't wild, but He loved them!
He showed no fear, and instead of throwing the food, he chose to feed it to them by their mouths...

daddy showing him how to feed them
Joaquin and Austin feeding the ducks
Then it was on to the lions, tigers, and bears, etc... 
" you gotta hold my hand"
Cousin Cole basking in the sun!
Mr. Tiger roaming around his cage
and next door to Mr Tiger...

Mr. White Tiger
Then there was a petting zoo with goats that Austin also enjoyed petting, AND feeding..
again, no fear.. 

Austin kept pointing to the baby goats
One of my favorite parts was the deer.. You walked through and could pet and feed actual deer,
weird because we hunt, but they were differnt, and so cute! 
Austin enjoyed them immensely!

Austin got to pet a DEER!! 
Cole and Joaquin
some ostrich type bird.. lol
zebras ( backs sides)

Then it was on to lunch.. picnic style.. 

We went back in to see what was left.. butterflies, prairie dogs, and gift shop!

Then if was home we went...
and believe me everyone was sleeping.. ( except Keith, he was driving)

He was asleep before we hit the highway!!
Auntie followed suit not long after!!
Mr. Tiger had the same idea I guess...
Then we just had some fun for the rest.. 

Me and my SISTER
attempting to show off my sunburn, and  windblown hair ( if you didn't notice!)
grandpa, and grammie speeding off into the sunset, like Bonnie and Clyde
We had a really fun time, bathes, dinner and daddy is out coyote hunting with a friend from work, I am snuggled up with a rum and coke, and Austin is sleeping away dreaming of ALLL the fun he had..

Such a good time!!

I love today, I love my family, and my life!!!

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