Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This morning we woke up, with not so much of sicky, yucky, achey bodies, and moreso really enjoyed our day, The weather was great, and although we are still in the stage of our "cold" that we seem to sleep more tha do anything else ( oh I also think growing human life makes me more tired too, but thats not proven)

 we got outside to enjoy the last remains of the "record breaking October snow storm" snow, it was tradgic and beautiful all at the same time - While I hate to see it gone, I loved to find this buried beneath a foot of snow.

a lone flower, that survived a storm...

Austin was the most sad, or is it saddest, to see the snow leave us. I tried to tell him that it would be back in a few short weeks, but he didnt get it!

he loves "stomping" in it
And with November in full swing, hunters are out on the prowl, which means we all need to dress safe. and really really orange... Which I might add, that while dressing me in orange really brings out the pumkin, I still kindda think Abby does better at pulling the whole look off..

Happy hunting!!

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