Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our very spooky Halloween

I'm the type of mother who DE-LIGHTS in the end-of-year holidays, Halloween is the Big kick off, I embrace my sewing skills  costume purchasing skills weeks before I really have to, I decorate to the 'nines'
( pumkin lanterns and sticky leaves? )

This year, my little dinosaur came down with a nasty little cold, that continues to peak DAILY..

Needless to say, we did go out the night before to see meme, so he got the idea of what he was going to do..

Last night, just as we were heading out the door to go to a school function, Mommy got really sick ( another not so glamerous side effect of pregnacy)

And I, of course, was obsessing on how he missed out on the experience, and my father relentlessly reminded me that he wouldn't  remember, you know.. I get like this. I cant help it I love holidays, and making memories..

so I know, Im rambling, mostly because there is a metaphorical cinder block on my chest making it very hard to inhale deeply, I guess I am "catching" Austin's still-getting-worse- cold. ( hes doing okay by the way)

Bad news - I missed my ultrasound appointment today, BUT not to worry, we rescheduled it for next Friday, still in my time-frame..

SO anyhoo. on this note, I will leave you with my little dinos favorite thing right now:


Tomorrow we go to the doctors to get him checked up on, don't worry, the costume will stay home.. :)

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