Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where have we been?

It seemed that last week drug out for months and months.. I had the worst cold.. EVER. or at least it seemed that way, because when you're pregnant you really cant take anything for anything.. NOTHING! So I suffered through my head cold all week, while poor Austin watched movies, and ate soup with his mommy...

Luckily Today, I feel much better, and Im glad it happened last week, instead of this - because I have a lot of food to make, and cheese Louis I would not have been able to do it last week.

BUT. Believe me you, I AM PUMPED!! I have all my fixings, minus a big turkey, flying in tomorrow ( and I mean that figurativly, because its frozen) and spent the whole day cleaning my house, which was neglected last week, the maid was sick, so was the cook. but thats just coinsidence...

It was really nice out,
Pooh got to go on an ATV ride

we played hide and seek

he hides behind his hands..
With Christmas hanging out next door, Thanksgiving never gets enough credit. As a child I HATED it, no gifts.. just food..
As a mother, wife, and adult I have grown to appreciate that there is a day for people to remember what they are thankful for, to hang out with family, without the stress of buying gifts, just enjoying one anothers company.
Its truly a reminder of how great we have it, even when its bad, its still great!

And I am thankful for my family, who trusts my cooking skills ( with their meal on the most important food holiday of the entire year) and travels to my house to sit with family, and remember how great we have it, and how lucky we are to have each other.

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