Monday, April 1, 2013

In a good way

,This weekend was the best sort.

One jam packed full of family activites, where diapers bags were packed, and memories were made.
We fit, it seems, a week worth of acitivtes into four days.
in a good way.
Continuing a family tradition,

with a new member this year,
We got up Early Saturday morning, got dressed and headed to the farm, where Austin enjoyed the petting zoo, an Easter egg hunt and pizza for lunch
hunting for eggs with Meme

my handsome guy

petting a weal wabbit

loving the weather and the pizza
Austin faced a fear this weekend, my favorite moment of the entire weekend.
He watched the other kids get their picture, he watched Addy touch the bunny.
I wasn't about to force him to do it, but out of no where, without a word
he walkes up to the giant bunny, his fear palbable, my nerves on edge, heart racing
He high fived the bunny, AND hugged him.
I was SO proud, and HE was so proud of himself.
It is moments likes these that make parenting SO worth it.
Later that night, fast forward three naps later to Bumpa's birthday celebration
Where cousins gathered to hoot and hollar, and share time together

And in Addy Updates
Addison stood up all by herself for MORE than ten seconds at grandpa's house
you go girl
Easter morning the Easter bunny left the kids thier colored eggs, AND a trail of eggs leading to a HUGE surprise.

The nice bunny ( probablly so proud of Austin for hugging him) left him MORE eggs at Memes

mommy's hunters
Spring is HERE, and that means walks, and flowers
AND my babies first birthday, which makes me an emotional wreck..
in a good way

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