Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whats New Wednesdays

So, ok I have been slacking somewhat, but I happy to say that my slacking is thankfully limitied to my blog, I have been doing sooo many actvities with Austin, we have WEEKS worth of WW posts.
But this week, we will show you THREE things we have done, since we have missed three posts.


With Spring in full bloom, we found this adorable, and awesome idea.

We spent TWO dollars. A suet feeder, peices of scrap yarn and wool fresh off the sheep ( thanks to an awesome coworker) andVOILA, watch the birds build beautiful and colorful nests for their eggs

TWO: We found this super easy bird feeder recipe, with toilet paper holders, peanut butter ( all naturaul) and bird food

It said you could hang ribbon on it, but we could not find our hole punch, and liked the idea of just slidding them on the braches

and THREE:

Back in March we found this game to play for St Patties, but it has stuck, we hunt for gold coins ALL the time, and Austin loves it. If you are looking for a fun acitvity that doesnt involve the televison, this seriously keeps his occupied for SO LONG

All we do is hide the coins, he comes into the room and has tp lace them on the map.


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