Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Beauty in Parenting

Sometimes it's easy to forget, or rather easy to remember the importance of giving our children fufilling lives. In the day to day, we know that our childrens basic needs will get met, they will be full, they will get baths, they will learn and grow, they will feel be loved. The latter the most important.
Each day, even on a very bad day, I tell my children I love them.. a lot. And I mean if I were to ballpark it, maybe 50 times.. maybe.. probably more.  Because feeling secure, feeling loved is important.
Sometimes listening is hard. Sometimes I have a long day and get tempted to tune out my sons long winded, imaginary tales, and sometimes I do. But mostly it makes me realize the importance of listening to them.
Because now he his four, and trusts me, I'm his confidant, I still get kisses freely, and handholding, and cuddleing, but some day he will be fourteen, or forty and I want him to trust me, to know.
I will. always. listen.
I took a walk with my daughter, it was magical. With the turn of her first year fast approaching, I am in sentiment mode, everything she does amazes me.
As I was walking, she was sitting in her stroller watching the dog walk next to her, and I looked down at her little legs, so short and small. And the beauty of parenting is that those legs belong to MY daughter.
And MY daughters happiness and future rely soley on how I treat her, how I raise her.
It's so BIG. But it's so beautiful.

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