Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Five Years

It's June first today, and I failed to mention/brag about our anniversary we 'celebrated' on the 17th. It wasnt our wedding anniversary, but still something meaningful to us. 

Remember When?

Five years ago this summer, we met, we went on our first date,
we had our first kiss, we were young and we fell in love,
we moved in together,went to college together, we later got engaged, found out we were pregnant, got married ( three years ago) had a beautiful son, lived and learned, there was joy, there was hurt.

But honestly, throughout my lifetime, and Im not very old yet, in my twenty-two years, I have learned about life, about love, about loss, and my childhood prepared me to be the mother I want to be, to be the wife I want to be, and the friend I want to be.

It prepared me, for my marrige, which in growing up, together, is something that cannot be voided, or exited, although many do, being married is as strong a contract as being siblings, or being parent and child, it's not something that can be throw away.. Its real, and permanent.

And in these five years, from starting out just having fun, to building a life together, it's something I value and something I belive in with my whole  heart.

My marraige, is just that, MINE, it's uniquly built to suit our needs for one another, and that is why ours would not work for anyone else. Beacause of our pesonalitles, our beliefs, and our needs it hass become stronger, and has molded more into what it needs to be, and we have only just begun, we have a lifetime to perfect it, in all the imperfect ways it should be.

There are many more lessons we'll learn, we'll learn them together, when I win, he wins, when he loses I lose, we are team, we work together, we play together, we argue, we hurt, but it makes us stronger.

I am confident in our relationship, and the path that brought us to this very honest and raw place, where being honest is a way of life, where joking and playing is as normal as breathing, where helping and holding, nurturing and kissing is as simple as inhaling..

Our needs are going to change as we get older, our wants, our dreams, but through it all, we will know that the other is there to change too, and to grow into something better.. together..

Now when we met I was 17, he was 19, we were puppies, but boy have we had fun!

our first 250

honey-mooning for five years and counting

Keith taught me to shoot

and fish

Our engagement picture 2007

Our wedding 2008


Keith taught me to sled

OUR grandparents at our engagement party

brother-in-law wedding

 Keith, you are the best father  I would ever want for my children, and for anyone. In being a father you have become so much more, you are the best friend and husband I ever want to know! I love you!
teaching Austin to fish

Our family.
We may not have it all together - but together we have it all..

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