Sunday, October 9, 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling

Although it is fall, and the leaves are painted, and there are pumpkins, mother nature threw us some July weather this weekend, I 'm talking 80's all weekend.

So. This outfit wasnt really appropriate, but it was 8 in the morning, so it hadnt really gotten too hot yet.

Then we mosied on up to Papa and grammies, and played in some apples!!!

Keith was super sick this weekend, thankfully it was a 24 hr bug thing, but it really had his knocked out, thankfully though Austin and I were spaired! ( thank you GOD)

Daddy and Austin finally took a ride on the 4-wheeler, Austin has been too afraid because of the noise, so I gave him some earplugs, and BAM, worked liked magic, he had a blast!!!

Today we tried watching daddy shoot his gun, but finally gave up, because of the noise.. But those ear plugs really do come in handy!

not the best angle for any of us.. lol

This afternoon, Austin and I tried making some sugar cookies..

He didnt understand you had to cook them first, and this was the reaction I got:

just a tiny bite out of each one

But they were yummy, and he finally cheered up..

Tonight was night one of bedtime boot camp ( I just named it that, haha)

And Austin is sleeping soundly in his room, with no gate, all by himself..

Have a good week :)

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