Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Quickie*

I have to make this quick, mostly because we didnt do a whole lot of "blog worthy" things this week, on account I was not feeling great ( Ill explain in a few days)

We stayed in pjs, ate soup, watched scooby doo, ate more soup, slept at weird hours, and I guess it paid off, because me and the weather were feeling much better, and we spent our day playing in the yard.

I have to say - I.LOVE.MY.SON.

pushing his car up the hill

Riding it down..

LOVE his smile!

This is litterally the greatest time in my life, having loved my childhood - I get to make it my goal Austin grows up knowing he can be himself, trusting and being secure with his life. Knowing he is loved, and having happy memories. Also, knowing that it's okay to make mistakes, they are going to happen, but learning to do the right things with them, and after that..

But right now, I have a toddler, and my happiness comes souly from his happiness, of learning a new trade, seeing someone he loves, and just being himself.

Today we ordered Austin's halloween costume, and are really looking forward to "scaring" you all with it!

Have a great weekend! y'all! after all - it is fall

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