Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's raining babies, AND real rain too

Along with really real rainy showers ALL weekend, I also threw a baby shower for my FIRST neice.
( name to be announced)..

Renee's cake

her throne, and gifts

my younger, larger ( I finally get to say) sister

Austin and I went for a walk..

those are our neighbors/friends/grandparents checking their mail

austin LOVES walks

" dangles" thats how he pronouces "triangle"

We played in our backyard ( before it rained)

he loves this trike, even though I ran over the back tire, HEY! he hasnt eve noticed that yet!!

our bakyard trees changing color

the outside drink of choice, of course

these were Summer toys on clearence, but hey he can make leaf castles right?

he wears the RAIN boots, even when there is no rain...

arnt they just so cute??

We made icecream sundaes/ banana splits..

this was his bowl

We had such a great weekend, and this was all on Friday, Austin also spent the weekend at Meme's house, with a baby shower break in between.

Today, was SUCH a good day, I got up, and spent the whole day at Meme's with Austin and Meme, of course, Austin didnt wet or poo his pants ALL day, he was such a delight to be around, we had so much fun, and honestly we are going to start doing that more often, its seriously one of my favorite things to do. I think I love it so much because I remember going as a child, and love that my children will get to do it too, and also ITS GREAT COMPANY TOO!!

I color-coated/ organized his new crayon box ( .99 cents at goodwill)

the CUTEST picture of bubba  in the rain,

say " EEE"

he was watching the rain while momma and meme cooked supper
BUT, the best part of the day??

Oh that would have to be, putting my son on the potty to read to him in hopes he would go #2, and finding him like this not 5 mins later..

he had such a good day he had to fall asleep..
this photo is seriously in the running to go in his high school graduation slide show.. maybe..

have a great week, oh and if I were a crayoln I would be: " robin's egg blue" Because its light, pretty, and simple!! oh wait, well its pretty!!

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