Friday, October 21, 2011

New life & yucky doggie booboos

This week was so very hectic, having a surprise visitor, my sister having a baby a few weeks early, and my dog getting sick!

austin put a flashlight in my gatoraide bottle...

this is AFTER the stitches, the BEFORE picture is really gross, so trust me when I say, it looks ALOT better

this is baby Kiera, born today 10-21-2011, weighing 3 lb 6oz
she is 9 weeks early

with lots of hair, and deep brown eyes,

she is in the incubator, but can do all bodily functions on her own, except eat,

she is tiny - but realllly long

This week was very very busy, But in the end, I have my first neice, and a healthy sister, and dog.

and cant wait until Decemeber 21, to find out gender our little angel will be this spring!!


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