Sunday, October 16, 2011

Extending our Family

I have been thinking about how I would tell everyone in my life - close family, close freinds, facebook friends, extended family, I mean even my doctor. I am a worrier, I am an over-the-top, fully extentric, ful-of so-much-love kindda girl.
So. I, of course, was worried how the people in my life would 'take' the news.

So, when I found out, one afternoon, out of the blue, when I was least expecting it, that I was carrying Austin's little brother or sister. I nearly hit the floor in surprise.

We talked, we worried - about our future, we want the best for our children. Days went by, we told people slowly, and cautiosly, not because we were upset, but because being our third pregnancy, we knew that we needed to wait until we were in the clear, to tell people, to worry them..

So, now that we are in the clear, and by that I mean offically in our second trimester, with a little tiny peanut baby on the way to fill up our family even more. But when I say in the clear, I mean is a parent ever in the clear???  I still worry about Austin, still check on him when he sleeps later than I think he should, or sometimes I let him camp out next to me on the floor if he has a cough, I mean, I know - I worry ALOT.

But Austin has filled my life, in three short years, with more love than I ever knew possible.
I feel so blessed to get to me a mommy to another baby, and show them as much love as Austin has.

Im so blessed to have such a good daddy, as a husband. oh my, I could go on.
Did I mention I ramble too?

But, I mean, Im excited, and nervous, and little bit freaked out. ( like most mothers - I think) like oh my gosh, I have never been a mother to more than one person, do you know what this means??

It means you better get ready - becauce if I have twice as much love, I will be writing twice as much sappy, lovey, blog posts to tickle your gag reflex. ;)

Could we be any more Norman Rockwell, a family of four, a perfect dog, a cozy little life, full of so many people who love and adore us.
I mean we have our, Days of our Lives days too, but mostly?? Mostly I love my life, and I mean  that from the bottom of my heart,
I get to live out my dream -
to create this beautiful and meaningful childhood for my two children, forever!
our little peanut at 10 weeks!

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