Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I know I ramble at times about how precious life is, how I'd like to freeze time while my kids are little... This week, however... I am so excitedly stoked for Saturday the days can't go by fast enough..

FIVE years? wow, so much happened in five years, we've been through so much, had two amazing kids, and here we are.. I love this man, he is such an amazing father, the thing I love most about him..

He is funny, and kind.. and all mine.

Five years ago I was 18, I cannot believe I got married so young. Looking back we were so young and inexperienced. But we gained experience, and grew together.

He still gives me butterflies, and is the sexiest man I know, well okay, thats because I dont KNOW Will Smith.. but I digress...

I am so excited about our anniversary.. mostly about what it represnts. Five years strong..

Here's to Five more, and 50 after that..

Some of our 'photo-a-day's" for your veiwing pleasure

day eight - Austin making M&M bars 

day nine - daddy, add, ozzy playing

Here's to us :)

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