Sunday, January 6, 2013

precious time

In the not so distant future my kids will be grown, and I will have only photos and memories of these precious times in their lives. They are ever fleeting, but oh so precious.

footed pajamas, hooded towels, spiderman lunch boxes, my little pony will be but  faded memories to look back fondly at.

And I just see it now, my heart pangs a littler just thinking about my babies growing.

These times are amazing, they are so special, they are my favorite..

I cannot freeze time or even slow it down, I can only hold my children tightly, give them a childhood with full memories, a strong foundation to leave my nest and make a difference in the world.

Right now though, all I have to do is hold them tight when they have a bad dream, kiss their booboos when they fall, just love them like only mamas can

oh and go sledding

take them out to eat for no-reason other than to spend time with dear family

My first baby is almost four, and that makes for some sentimental parents

looking back, at two years ago

look how small he was..

WOW. time flies

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