Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pirate parties

We spent the weekend celebrating, blowing out candles over and over, opening cards in the mailbox from grandpa and other out of state relatives A child blowing out candles is one of my FAVORITE things. You capture in the shutter of your camera one magical moment, when a child makes a wish, and blows out those candles..

He loves opening mail addressed to him, so getting a handful of cards, simply made his day. When he opened his card to find money? He was off the walls excited. He responded and I quote " NOW I'M RICH LIKE DADDY!!!!"
Aren't kids so adorable in their innocence, they really say the darndest thing.

Austin had a party, in which his friends came, and played, danced and had a blast.

There is not much more fun than watching kids playing together, having the time of their lives..

It goes on my beltknotch of kick-ass-mothering, because in 10 more years who knows if I will still be the coolest person to my son, by then he'll be 15.. oh jeez.
That's okay too,

But this stage? This being my sons best friend, confindant, teacher and mom who gets kisses freely, gets to kiss boo-boos and reads in blanket forts? This is FUN! This is amazing, and I want it to last as long as it can..

And who can forget little sister? Who also had a blast at the party roaming from grandparent to grandparent getting her some loving and attention..

notice the sign behind her? " poop deck" how appropriate

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