Friday, April 29, 2011

cook-book's and catching up..

SO as you all know by now, I get overwhelmed at the thought of not having a bloody* job yet.
But, I have been keeping myself busy, by driving over to day-care/Gaga's house to help her make a cookbook.
I think I enjoy it so much because well yeah, 1) I love to spend time there, I mean I get awesomely fed at lunch time.. but also because I am over compensating the fact that I need to feel needed.. ( I took a semester of pysh)
I like feeling useful! My yard is beautiful, flowers are blooming, birds are happy, and my house is clean.

day lilies

rhbuarb, which I am a virgin to making/tasting

darn Mr. Squirril keeps empting our feeder

* like my british accent?? its in honor "of the biggest bloody wedding in this century"

So Austin and I have been going to nanas house everyday..

He hangs out with the kids, while I type out recipes, and sort them into categories ( that I color coded)

Today, he was the only little for a while, sooo cute!!

Look what he did!!

climbed in baby Seamus's walker

and couldn't get out

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