Thursday, December 1, 2011


To say I celebrate Christmas, is, really, a very large understatement! But for those who know and love me (despite my gung-ho-ness for holidays) They totally get it, and jump on board to my little celebrations, or at least the pretend to, but their smiles tell me they really love it!! lol

showing off those pearly whites

Not only is it Christmastime, but I havent let the thought of my, once little boy, turning three in 8 short weeks escape my mind.
He is growing, and my excitment, and love for life grows along with him.
With every ear infection, every milestone crossed, every poop on the potty - I celebrate, with every pregancy inducded headache, I celebrate ( okay, maybe not IN the moment of that migraine, but after I definatly do)

just being cute
I do so, especailly moreso now that I have children, I want to raise them not to fear happiness, but to live it, even with a world with such sadness and choas, and "bad guys" you really need to be thankful for what you've been given, every second chance, or opportunity, and celebrate it!

motherhood, along with being a wife is teaching me this. And I am celebrating it ! ( I swear I will stop with that word, now)

This week we've been celebrating --

rearranging my livingroom

family photos, along with a very handsome preschooler
We also hit one of those milestones --

Austins First BOARD GAME!!

Daddy, Mommy and Austin

" see, you look at it like this"

very happy little boy!!
I am celebrating my family, whom I love and cherish, respect and care very deeply for!

I am celbrating health, and happiness - which are in abunance in my household..

I am one lucky mommy!

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