Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Peaking Excitment!!

Tomorrow is the BIG day,
it makes me look back, I am constantly looking through my scrapbook of my pregnancy with Austin,
Comparing how different the two are.

They really are, NOTHING alike.

This time around I have lost weight, felt morning sickness the ENTIRE 19 weeks thus far..

Some things are similar, the heartburn I get when I lay down, or the peeing at all hours of the night..

The baby started kicking and moving about 2 weeks ago, but the movements are becoming more noticable and prominent.

I havent really started "showing" but there is a very tiny indication of a growing baby.

Feeling the movement, and feeling this growing life is something that is so magical.
Having Keith to share it with me again, and making another gorgeous baby is so exciting.
This time around we have a big brother, to share it with us.

I have made it a point to keep him involved, we told him earlier than we did others, and he has come with me to almost all my appointments.

Tomorrow will be no different, he is a peach most of the time, and we are blessed to be able to bring him places, without the toddler tantrums, that yes he does have, but he is gracious enough to spare the public and have them mostly at home.

With Christmas just 3 days away, I am reminded of how lucky I am

To have the husband I do, really there is no other one I could ask for.
A great husband, a wonderful father.. seriously!!
I love this man. and in 3 short weeks we will have been married FOUR YEARS!!

A HEALTHY almost-three year old.. and a growing baby on the way!!

You wont hear this momma and wife complaining this Christmas!!!

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