Sunday, December 4, 2011

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time!!

I have been blessed this year, with some great magical things.
 Along with trying to capture a GREAT and wall-worthy family photo, we had minumal toddler and mommy/daddy meltdowns.

it included.. some bribes ( including chocolate)

and a couple scowls... of course!

Today was our ceramonial tree decorating night.
Which included a sleeping toddler, a hyper puppy, and a LOT of Christmas music.

But Austin did wake up, after I sang Away in a Manger quite loudly, and helped decorate.

all our decorations

This was Austins ornament last year, but it was his favorite this year to hang.
Daddy LOVED helping decorate.. You can tell its the highlight of his day

And of course, the BEST, most IMPORANT part of the tree..

hanging the topper

the final presentation

And Austin got his first gift tonight, and it wasnt store bought, at least not by me, I found it in my tote, it was this PERFECT ( for Austin) box of mini-ornaments.. Which Austin puts on his little tree..

he said " a present.. for me? "


Our celebration was not over then. We made bread sticks, watched Ice Age 3, and built castles..


Oh. and I forgot to mention. We, as in Daddy, celebrated this night, and this season, with some seasonal spiced rum, who knew that one glass would have him snoozing away on the sofa, while Austin and Mommy played.

A few things Im loving right now..

  • That even after 6 years, I still dont know EVERY thing about my spouse, and still learn new things about him.. not every day.. but every once in awhile.. For example: Today I learned that Keith was raised with a lighted star as a tree topper, while I always used an angel... I said " why did you wait so long to tell me? " he of course... didnt know.. hmm.. MEN!

  • I am IN LOVE with having no lights on, except the glow of my twinkling Christmas lights, with soft music playing, and sipping on.. ahem.. hot cocoa ( if you're me, rum if you're Keith)

  • I am learning, that to plan a perfect "without-a-hitch" event or night, is impossible with a family with such large personalities, and that what makes it perfect, is that it has all the little quirks, and mishaps to remember years to come!

  • Finallizing all my Christmas plans!!!!!

To put it simply: we are having a wonderful Christmas time!!

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