Monday, December 19, 2011

An Actual Christmas with the Crankies

remember last year  , when I implied that our Christmas party had cranky boys? Well I got my karma, fo sure!

This year we got to grammies and bumpas early, and Austin was sleeping. We laid him on the couch, and waited till the boys got their to wake him. anyhoo.. long story short for the first half of the night, all Austin wanted to do was cry. Poor guy was still sleepy..

But it turned out nicely.

ALL the cousins were together.. which is rare, or pretty much nver happens...

spagetti face Cole

Baby K

Austin, Cole, Joaquin

After dinner for everyone ( except Austin ) We had our tree..

Then Austin ate, by then he was not so cranky..

And we even managed to get a picture of everyone  LOOKING,

These 3 boys are learning to LOVE getting their photos taken, They just sit there and say "cheese" over and over..
very cute!!

The boys, as in Daddy and Austin stayed up until almost 1030, playing with "their" new hot wheels toys..
and the first thing Austin did this morning, which is usually ask for food, is ask to play with his cars..

not sure who loved it more..

And that is what he is doing right now as I type.. Talking for them and all. very adorable!

Only 6 days until the BIG day, but we have another big day this week..

Thursday afternoon, hopefully the baby will lay so we can see what he or she is.. so this momma doesnt have to wonder anymore.. ( I have my ideas, but Ill keep them to myself for now)

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