Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Addison updates

Monday afternoon the docs called and informed me that I would be making weekly visits to the hospital for a fluid measurment ultrasound, and then to the birthplace right after for a NST ( recording contractions) and then an appointment at the office right after that* ..

* one cool thing is, these visits are scheduled right up until May 7th, the week of Addys birth ( unless she comes sooner, which like Austin, she very may)

I of course, am no stranger to a million visits, with Austin my pregnancy was much more high risk and high matience with toxemia, and blood pressure problems. So I am thankful that the docotrs are watching me like hawks, taking extra precautions to keep me and Addy safe.
But all these visits really wear me out, I am so tired by the time I get home, I sleep for hours and hours..

Yesterday, I had to drive to Portland for my last ultrasound there, I wasnt sure it was going to be worth it, or to be honest, I had no desire to go by myself during the day, driving that whole way.. anyway.. I did go, just to be safe, and luckily my fluid levels are still stable.


I got to see Addison in 3D, and it made it so worth going.. My bad mood went right out the window, when on the screen I saw my daughters face, IN COLOR.. it's all I talked about for the rest of the day.

Addison in 3D, see her hand?

This is Austin in one of his 3D ultrasounds
They look so much alike..

I cannot wait to meet her.. well actaully I have to wait a little longer, we're not quite ready yet.. :)

only 5 more weeks!

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