Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We've known for a week now that Abby is sick, heartworms and lyme disease and that treatment is risky and we could lose her either way..

But it didnt make it any easier on Monday morning driving to the vet to drop her off, explaining to Austin that they will try to make her better, and when she comes home tonight she will need to stay in her cage for a long time..

She did great all day, and was very drowsey when she got home, she slept and has had a little bit of a hard time in her cage today.. poor thing doesnt understand.

Yesterday was also my weekly testing, which thank the Lord went smoothly, baby is great, fluid is stable, Baby weighs 7 pounds 6 oz, and this momma is gaining weight pretty rapidly ( in her opinion), averaging about 3.5 pounds a week.
My belly is meausering that of a women who is 3 weeks overdue, and let me tell you, it gets harder to breathe by the day..BUT..  there are only 16 more days to go!!


On Sunday we took Austin to the river, he caught 10 fish ALL.BY.HIMSELF.  There was no fear, just joy.

And the look on his face was so amazing when he caught his first one. oh and the look on Daddys face was just as special..

parenting is so much fun!!

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