Monday, April 16, 2012

Soaking it in..

These past few days are the final chapter in our pregnacy, for nine long months baby Addison has been growing from a tiny cell into a beautiful baby girl. I have felt her kicks and movements, listened to her heartbeat, dreamed and imagined how amazing it will be to be a mommy to a boy AND a girl, how amazing our childrens friendship and sibling bond will be, and what she will look like..

In three weeks, three weeks BABY, we will meet out daughter. It will be amazing, I am so joyful and so excited to see her, to feel my heart and soul double in size in a single moment in time, and to introduce our first born to our baby.

Of course, all the excitement and dreamy dreams I have about meeting my daughter, have me sentimental about the little boy who made me a momma, who over the past three years has taught me so much about myself, and what being a mother is all about.

Everyday I feel my heart expanding for the little boy who is ours. He has such a gentle spirit, and friendly personality, he is an animal lover, and looks up to and loves his daddy with such strong fierceness.

He is artistic, shy, and smart.

But most importantly, until meeting him, I never knew what love was. How amazing a mothers love is - how loving someone so much, fearing loss, or hurt for them, is so strong. How strong a mother and child bond really is.

So these last few weeks until our family grows, I spend all the time I can sharing it with my little boy. Who will be an only child for only a few more days.

I watch him sleep, and whisper how lucky I am to have him in his ears, I smell his hair, and memorize his face.

During the day, we do things he loves, like painting, or having water fights, playing in the sand, or visiting Papa and Grammie.

Austin has come to most of my appointments, and helped mommy set up sisters room, and folded clothes, and even bought her her first doll ( he named the doll angel, and frog, but I call her angel)

reading "High Five"


playing in the sand

digging for teasure

a daddy and son

playing at meme's house on Sunday

Playing ball



hunting for chipmunks

eating popsycles..

I had my weekly tests, and fluid is stable, baby is great, and mommy although getting larger by the day is feeling very good.. Mostly because Daddy lets her take naps and reminds when she is doing too much..

May 10 is only but three weeks away, a big day in the Mosher house!

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