Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter and Korkypines

Our Easter was so much fun!

 Maybe it was my growing belly, and my growing need for sleep, but we ended up waiting until Saturday night to color eggs, it was a lot of fun!

such a magnetic force - a father-son bond!!

he is very carful and specifica bout his egg-coloring

He loved the process, and just like a kid on Christmas eve found it very difficult to go to sleep and STAY asleep the night before, and all in anticipation in finding those silly eggs..

isnt he just the cutest?

Before we left for Memes house, we got a little surprise..

boy oh boy was he excited!!

Mosher Easter 2012

That little pink bunny is one that Addison got for her baby shower, but Austin has adopted it to "keep it safe" until baby sister returns, lets just hope he remembers..

It was also the first time in months ( and months) that we had all five grandkids together. Austin loves playing with his cousins.

eating lunch with Cole and Joaquin

My favorite part of the day was when Austin held Kiera. Austin is such a soft and gentle little boy, and watching him with his cousin, made this mommy SOO EXCITED to meet her daughter and have her children form a lifelong bond. I cannot even explain how excited I am about it.. jeez.. ( ONLY FOUR MORE WEEKS)

Austin holding 5 month old Kiera

Cole, Kiera, Austin, and Joaquin
We had a really great weekend, and am really looking forward to meeting our little girl.

Monday afternoon Abby got "shot by a korkypine" It took Keith a total of 5 hours to remove all of the quills, but she is doing much better today.

Lets hope a lesson was learned today..

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