Sunday, February 3, 2013

superbowl weekend

Superbowl weekend is really like all other weekends, seeing that we only watch football on superbowl Sunday.. and thats mostly for the commericals, or the fights, or in my case checking out the players... ( shh don't tell )

But this winter has been so finicky, we havent even made a snowman yet. or gone icefishing..

But we did go snow shoing for Austins first time, and he had a blast.

Sister is so close to crawling it aint even funny.
She can wiggle and worm her away across a room, and don't get me started on Addy in a walker
Lawd look out..

Nachos are in, wings are cooling down, and Im rooting on the niners ( because there guys are cuter, the way I always pick teams)


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