Saturday, February 16, 2013

Five Things

Five Things you may not know about me,

1. I do not know how to swim, not that it is something I hide, or am ashamed of or anything, I never learned. I do however, still love boating, and "swimming" with Austin, I still love doing this:

Ice fishing with my boy
2. I swear I love scary movies, or at least I mostly do. I love paranormal movies, and weird deformed, Hills of the eyes sort of scary movies, and I LOVE ZOMBIE movies... However, I do mostly watch through my fingers, heart racing, sitting on the edge of my seat and yes, I am that girl who squeals exsessivly loud and screams when the murdere is right.behind.her!!!

3.  I absolutly hate, or strongly dislike seeing the face of a radio personality I listen to often.. I am not kidding when I say, that I once had to stop listening to a morning show when I saw "Tim" in person, it totally ruined it for me.

4. I am not afraid to die, maybe this one is a tad morbid but I always had this fear of dying, or mostly missing out on things around me, people's lives going on without me. As a mother, I of course have a longing to grow old and watch my children grow up, and get married, have children, and such forth.

5.  I want to learn how to sew. and quilt. and knit, and all the things that will make me an awesome grandma, and mother. I fantasy about making homeade Halloween costumes, and recital costumes..
I swear, I will do it someday.

I hope you feel like you have sneaken a glimpse in the mysetery that is me.
haha.. I know..

Inspriation has been short lately, which is weird, because life is so great right now. Like, could it get any better, good.. So I  am thinking I need some inspiration.. I'll work on it.

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