Wednesday, February 27, 2013

* Whatever Wednesdays*

So my previous title, has been replaced by "Whatever Wednesdays"
The theme is still the same however.
Each week we try something new, albeit a craft, a recipe, or a fun activty, that we discover on the world wide web, or mostly pinterest. And of course, blog about it :)

This week we ventured into the kitchen to try something, we have never done before.

Something for our fourlegged family member, who on the day-to-day sometimes gets forgotten with the hussle and bustle of our busy weeks.

Homemade Dog treats,
recipe found: HERE

It's really rather simple, and totally changeable to your doggies taste buds.

First we mixed our ingredients ( only four, peanutbutter, milk, flour and soda) The recipe called for what seemed like a lot of treats, so we cut our in half and it made a total of 24 treats

Next, be amazed at your momma's amazing ball forming talents..

this was not staged, he was just being a goof ball
Then use your rolling pin to roll it out, like cookies. You will need extra flour to make it less sticky.

using his rolling pin from aunt rere

Then  choose your cutter, we have this huge bin of cookie cutter shapes, but you dont need to make it dog boned shaped it can be anything, or even just round. Dogs dont really notice the details.. :)

Then cut them out, just like you would cookies

Put them on a cookie sheet, ungreased, bake at 350 for about 15 minutes, will get hard, like a normal dog treat..

Let cool.

And enjoy.

Abby very much enjoyed these, Austin however did not.

He asked to try one, and I figured it couldn't hurt. He spit it out saying " these are just for dogs, not people, mom"

So there you go.
ONLY feed them to doggies. Not kids

Abby Approved

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun! I will have to try them for my dog! Looks like it would be great for gifts too!