Monday, February 18, 2013


Growing usually and mostly occurs slowly over time, so that it's not noticable, until it is..

Like my jeans becoming more and more snug, until one day I step on the scale and realize I've gained five more pounds..

When I realize my newborn is nine months old, crawling, waving, clapping.. When I was sure she was just a baby. yesterday..

Likewise, the little boy who made me a mommy, one of my soulmates, the little boy who completes me, is a full blown preschooler. With a larger than life personality, a thirst for knowledge, and temper, that I havent decieded where he gets it.

Or when I look up and see that my marriage hits its five year birthday, and has made it through the earlier, harder times, into a more balanced and thriving place. Married to my best friend, who makes me laugh, who hears my thoughts, and who tells me his.

I started this year full of hope for all the ways I would grow, personally, in my carreer, in my marriage, as a mother. I still always look inward to grow, to truly get to know myself, accept, love and acknowledge who I am, and for what I am. To know myself inside and out 100%.

I then realize something, I have grown, I can see it, I didn't realize it, because it happened right under my nose, but Im proud of who I am, who I've become.
But growing doesnt have a finish line, I want to grow my whole life.

Evolving into the person I will become, or already am, depending on how I look at it.

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