Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's New Wednesdays***

I know I have mentioned my lack of inspiration lately, well I couldn't take it anymore..
I think it may be a mix of cabin fever, and a vitatmin D depreivation, I am in desperate need of sunshine, and blooming trees, and SPRING!

After realizing I could put my new addiction to Pinterest to good use. I go on litterally every night, and find all these amazing things I want to do and try, but what good  are they if I don't actually try them.

I decided to start utilizing some of the amazing ideas, and doing some more creative things with Austin.

I decided to start a new series " ", In which each week I feature something new we have tried that we found online.

This week we started with a craft, which is one of both of our, favorite things. When Austin sees me getting our craft table and supplies out, he goes giddy.

Tonight, after dinner, I told him to clean his room, and we would make a cool craft.
he replied " AHHH, a craft? okay "

And if I would have known that, that would be all it took to clean his room by himself with no fuss, I would be doing crafts every night at 6 pm.

We started with THIS CRAFT , waxed crayon pictures, all we needed was household things we already had, paper plates ( mine are Springy because I so miss it) crayons ( lets admit it, all mothers have a zillion crayons) and toothpicks

Then you color with desired color crayons in any design you want.

Then Mommy covered it all in Black

Then we used our toothpicks to etch pictures into the colors, sticking your tongue out is optional, :P

And Voila

Austin really got a huge kick out of this, what I love about this website, is you can find easy, free things that kids go gaga over. You dont have to spend a lot, or even any a lot of the time to make memories, and have a ball.

We of course, repeated the process a few more times, because he wanted, Daddy, Addy and Abby to have their own faces.

Then we made homemade chocolate chip cookies

A very Good night
Looking forward to trying out a new idea next week, I'm already on the hunt

*** the name for now, I am stil debating on the "series" name :)

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