Thursday, March 21, 2013

Black and White

I admit, sometimes larger parts of me wish for a time and society where there are concrete Black and White choices, lifestyles, and values. This part of me usually comes out when I see something tragic on the news, or read a controversial article about politics, or religion.

I feel it is the embodiment of  the way I was raised, the childhood lifestlyes that the adults in my life thought to be benificial to me. It is these feelings that make me yearn for simple times.

But since becoming a mother, I have grown. I see myself as a human sharing this complex world with other humans who are intrically different than I.

I admire many woman from my childhood, most of whom go to church weekly, and live a Godly lifestlye. It are these woman who I still think fondly of .

The world is not a black and white place. There is war, and hate, and crime.
People no longer have two choices: either be a follower or go to hell. People choose what they beleive.

I still very much believe in God, I believe we were not evolved from monkys.
But, we all have different versions of our God.
Some people believe you HAVE to go to church, some believe in all sorts of things.

My God, loves all humans. ALL. humans, and individually judges them for their sins, specific to them. I do not belive that MY God will send someone who is gay to hell, because they loved the "wrong" person. Maybe YOUR God will.

MY God is not confined to four walls for an hour onces a week. HE is nature, He is air, He is mountains, He is snow, HE is rain. He is where I go to find peace, outside any walls.
Call it what you will, MY God is spirituality.

Interesting fact, I started this post with the intent on sharing my opinions of Family Bedding. Some  how it ended up on spirituality, perhaps because it is exactly what I needed to unreign my stress from the day.

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