Tuesday, March 19, 2013


* When Lifes hands you Lemons *
When life hands us lemons, or in our case mother nature blessing us with a HUGE snowstorm on the last day of winter, we do this:
spend the day with daddy, because he had a snow day too

snow- paint

snow- angels

snow- wrestling

homemade donuts, in the deep fryer
glazed and coconut

mixing dough

decorating for Easter

I can't say that I never complain, because on days like this morning when mother nature, ahem AUNT FLO, come and leave me dizzy, and crampy, and EXTRA cranky, I sometimes do. well, okay I do..
I do.. sometimes a lot. Sometimes I escape to the bathroom " to shower" and just sit there alone..

BUT, I belieive in the old adage, that happiness is really a choice. That you can take something negative and put a postive spin on it.

Like snowstorms, sure I missed a days work, a days pay. But I saved on gas, which is really the least of the postive things I gained. I spent the day with my kids AND my husband. We watched movies, stayed in our pjs, took a long afternoon nap, we baked, and decorated the kitchen.

Also I hear that snow this late in the year is good for gardens. And we are planting this year at Meme's house, and I need all the help from mother nature I can get, not really a green-thumb lady by nature..

So mother nature sent us some snow and some cramps BUT she also sent us some fertlizer for our grass and gardens. She's got our backs, that is what midol is for, after all.

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