Monday, March 11, 2013

* Few words, our weekend in photographs *
The love of a brother and sister, is something I will never be tired of,, or ever stop loving
This stage in my daughters life, where she still wants to be held, still only wants her mommy, and still crawls around like a champ

I will cherish, because let's face it, in a blink of an eye, she will be a toddler, running free, and making friends. Much like her big brother, who goes to "work" monthly at Home Depot to build something. It is something he looks forward to each month, and it's free, which is an added bonus.

Austin spent his time this weekend with his Daddy, and it was so beautiful listeneing to him retell his tails of fishing, running and playing with his Daddy on the ice.
No doubt, it was a memory-making weekend for my son. The kind of thing that makes this mommas heart go pitter-patter

Of course, I am also proud to say he is quite the "mama's boy", I have always heard the saying " If you want to see how a husband will treat you, look how he treats his mother" and mine loves his mother, and I know Austin and I will always be "best fweinds" As he says it.. or at least till hes fifteen... ;)

Daddy love his little girl too <3 p="">

Austin has got him some swag

And also quite the sunburn, the poor kid. I learned a lesson. No matter the month... WEAR SUNSCREEN. Am I weird I put it in his baby book as his first sunburn? Oh gosh, and I THAT mother who will take his book out and share it when ANYONE comes over... haha

Today was " Make it Mondays" I am shameful when it comes to making up completly random reasons to celebrate.. Today was Milkshakes

Addy peaking on us

ALWAYS use ear protection, blenders are very loud


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