Wednesday, March 6, 2013

* Whatever Wednesdays *

Well is it Wednesday already? This week we did something a little different. And by different I mean, we didnt really do something new, due to time issues.. okay it sounds like an excuse, but whateve Im a bust mom

It is my belief that as a society we overstimulate ourselves and our children, with tvs, and phones, and computers and all these gadgets and toys. Sometimes it's so nice to shut it all off, listen to nothingness. Not to say I dont love and live with my phone near my side. However, sometimes I  fantasize about living with less technology..

What I am getting to is, I use the internet for dinner ideas, party themes, crafts and all these mommy things, but sometimes I come across really cool articles, and gain insight and inspriation on parenting.

We have been researching some very cool St. Patties crafts, because I do love me a holiday to celebrate, and I did marry into an Irish family. so, when in Rome..

We also have been talking a lot about Heaven.
Austin came across baby James picture, and said " that was me when I was in the hospital"
And I told him, that it was his cousin, Keke's brother, but he never met him, he lives in heaven.

We talk about Baseball, sign ups are tomorrow night,

We talk about Daddy's new job, " he is a good guy"

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Now I am off to overstimulate my senses with SURVIVOR!



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