Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Easter is right around the corner, two weeks away.

We focused our search to spring-y and Easter-y related activities..

This week we choose Easter Bunny Vases, found HERE

painting our cans

Applying with tacky glue, our cut out ears

Glue on the eyes

AND Voila, you have two bunny- vases. They turned out to be NOTHING like the ones on pinterest.
BUT just as cute, and JUST as fun for Austin

IN fact he loved them so much, that he really,really wanted to put REAL flowers in them. He went outside in search for flowers. I did not even bother to tell him that we didnt have any flowers yet, because it is only March.
HE came back with two long, and very much dead, flowers left over from last year.

Such a sweet boy. When he wants to be.
But hey. who isn't right?

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