Sunday, March 3, 2013

Everyday memories

March is FINALLY Here! Although Spring feels a million days away, I can almost feel it.

We have been busy preparing for St Patricks day  and thanks in large part to the internet, have found new stories to tell, new traditions to start and lots of fun crafts to do

When winter is over, it's over. For me anyway. Today we took our LAST ride of the season, the trails were smooth, the sites gorgeous, but this last ride signifies the end of Winter. Now the snow can melt, thank you mother nature

In these last few weeks, I determine myself not to complain, too much anway.
To find something fun, something meaningful to do. Some memory to make,

Even if that means baking apple tarts for Daddys Birthday, putting the candle in and having it melt.

Wearing big brothers hat

Wearing pigtails,

Learning to walk

Playing together

It's the everyday things, that they will remember, as well as the BIG ones. Things like praying and reading before bed, or pillow fights, or dance parties.

These small things string together to make our childrens childhoods good, and memorable

Austin will not forget "working out" like his daddy,

Something I am learning, the laundry does not have to be folded, the dishes put away to make a memory, to have a good time. In fact some of the best memories we've made are the ones where I consciencly choose to have fun with my kids over doing housework. Where my son asks to play dragons while doing dishes, and I put my towel down and be a dragon, because in fifty years he won't remember that casserole dish sitting over night on the counter, he'll remember his mom putting him first. If not always ( because lets face it they dont clean themselves) mostly.

I love my family,  I can see the man my son will be, because he has a daddy to show him.

This week has been a week of transitions in our home, Daddy got a new job, and we are transitioning.
But we are so proud. Austin tells all his friends about his daddys new job, mostly in cute little terms, since he doesnt get the details, but its adorable.

My heart flutters when I hear him tell his friends " my daddy has new boots, and I am gonna be a good guy too when I get big"

To him, his daddy is a hero. a role model.

And its jsut so darn cute.

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