Wednesday, March 13, 2013

* Whatever Wednesdays*

We are soooo ready for Spring in our home..
This week we decided to put some egg cartons to good use and make catapillars..
You don't need to be a professional artist to impress children, just a little imagination, and mostly time.
All we needed was egg cartons, markers, googely eyes, and antenas

It's really the most simple of things, but this made my sons afternoon.
Creating meaningful time with our kids is so easy, and also easy to neglect. With two full time working parents, and a baby I put a lot of intent into my my relationship with my son.
We go on dates, we do crafts, we bake,
He is starting to look forward to our weekly tradition of "researching" our next project.
Being a parent is so easy, and yet so hard. Having all our love wrapped up into these little creatures, who only looks to you for answers. It's a lot of pressure. But mostly rewarding. To see him conquer something new, or feed his sister, or even put his shoes on the right feet. Is is the BEST feeling I will ever feel. Ah a mothers love..
Addy is TEN months old now, where has the time gone?
She started clapping today. SO adorable. She is so darn proud of herself.
Tonight at dinner, every time she took a bite she clapped, and momma said " YAY"
Because it is something to celebrate..
Here's to life.

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