Saturday, October 9, 2010

lets get deep..

I was reading this blog post

and it was the first time  I actaully read the blog itself. But I really liked it,
1) not for what it was saying
( I seriously disagree)
but 2) I love to read different views, and sometimes it even changes my own.
It is so true.. If someone who speaks eloquently and is a  "good" writer they can change someones opinions on hot topics..
or make them learn something they never knew, and therefore personal growth was made.
and religion, sex, and politics are definitely HOT TOPICS right now.

That being said. I grew up in a church, BAPTIST, where being gay was defiantly NOT ALLOWED, where playing cards on Sunday wasn't aloud for CRYING OUT LOUD !!
Sex was first, not even spoken of, and any contact with the opposite sex was strictly supervised.. ( obviously that didst stick)
Religion WAS spoken of. and that was OUR religion. The only acceptable one to have. If you didnt, then you were surly going to Hades.

Having that experience taught me a lot. 

One: Austin will by no means, be going to private school like I did. Because we were sheltered, we didnt know what things were, we didnt understand, so we therefore explored, and rebelled against the beliefs being shoved down our throats, and went and found, 'sex, drugs, and rock and roll.'
Children at my school were still doing public school things, smoking, having sex, getting knocked up, getting tattoos, The only difference is I feel like I missed out on things all kids should get. like Homecomings, and proms, and trips, and freedom of speech and dress..
I dont want to feel like one of those parents who think they are better, because their child goes to private school, therefore looking down on others, and this was something that happened at my school.
At the same time I loved my school, for different reasons, for a different time.

Two: I still want him to grow up in the "religion" that I believe is true.( if he wants to be) And that doesn't mean girls have to wear dresses everyday, and you cant drink a glass of wine at dinner, and you cant work on Sundays, or be friends with "gays".. Its the belief that all people do bad things, but all people do good things, and those are the things that we should do, we should help others, and even pray... I want to feel like, at the end of the day, that my existence on earth is for the good, and therefore...

Being "gay" is something I always didnt know where I stood on.
I definatly do not understand it, but does that mean it is wrong? 
I dont think a "gay" person should be condemned because of their sexual prefernce, 
but at the same time, I voted AGAINST the gay marraige laws.

I still have no clue where I stand ( technically)

Even writing this is making me think..
If someone asked me, I am not sure what my answer would be.. yes, or no?

I tend to vote towards the right, but not BECAUSE I am a conservative, but because those views are the ones ( 99.7% of the time) I tend to side with. (The other .003 % is left to the lefties of America..)

Any day of the week, I will stand up for those beliefs and defend them to the best of my knowledge, and sometimes, someone comes along and teaches me something I did not know. And even can CHANGE my opinion on the issue. 
I would like to think, That I can do the same..

So.. what did I learn today?
I learned about the mating rituals of deer. 
nothing about this.

Does anyone else miss the days of black and white?
Where did all this gray come from for the love of all things black and white????

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