Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Hallo-weekend..

Its been awhile, and I dont want to sound like I am singing the same old tune, but school is really kicking my butt this semester. Its all HIGH level projects, and seminars, but thankfully I am staying on top of it, and have an  'A' in all THREE classes (so far)
* fingers crossed*

What else have we been up to?

Well I thought it had been a while since I had done a photoshoot of the boys, so I got all ready, and bribed, and begged, and squeeked, and laughed trying to get them to look at the camera, and after many many many attempts I finally got some good ones.
( it was ALL indoors, it was a very wet and windy week )

I dont know if its just me, or if boys are just harder to keep still, but boy does it wear you out jsut trying to get a shot.. AND FORGET about group shots..

It was totally worth it.

look at these handsome, handsome boys..


Believe it or not, Jo was the EASIEST to get, it only took TWO tries to get this..
Joaquin Alexandria
two years old
Austin Walter Robert
(almost) two years old
Cole Bailey
( drooly and teething) almost one year old..
Saturday was the first day of hunting, and because of the hectic-ness of this year, I never got my course, so I am not hungting this year, Austin and I decided to go to

it was fun. He got to pick out his own little pumkpin from the patch. There were ballon houses, and bouncy houses, and slides, and horsies..
It was a blast..

He saw the patch, and booked it to this one little pumpkin he found, it was the FIRST one, and he held on tight to it. He really knows what he likes..
( wonder where he gets it from)
( Im talking about me and SHOES)
this is MY pumkpin..

We had a lot of fun together..


where I fell on my rump, and got very muddy..
soon after, Austin too fell..
and we high tailed it home, to barney and sweatpants..
( hot cocoa too)

And what is tonight?
One of the funnest times of year..

Trick-or-treating tonight..
soo much fun!
and if you forgot..
last year on this very day..
our little monkey, took his first steps..

( and only had two teeth)
wow a lot can change in ONE YEAR!!

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