Sunday, October 3, 2010

Decorating, deer scouting, leave jumping, and rangley visiting..

This weekend was special.
1) Austin was at Grammie's house, so mommy was bored while Daddy was doing side jobs..
2) I am coming down with an awful awful double awful cold.

 First.. Let me say, how thrilled I am for it to be.. 

What did I do allll day while Austin was having a blast at gram's, and daddy was working his tush off?
First I decorated for Halloween, so it could be a surprise for Austin when he got home..
you can see I wrote fall with glitter glue onto the pumpkins
our entry way, they light up at nighttime.. ooooo 
our front door.. GHOULISH isn't it??
Then... I was STILL bored, with all the housework done..
I decided to surprise the boys with collecting ALL the leaves in our yard.
BUT.. I didnt do it the old fashion way, with a rake, no! That would take 
TOO LONG.. so I leaf blowed, while listening to my i pod..

THIS.. Is what I got..
( after learning to blow WITH the wind) 

It doesn't look that big, but man IT IS!! 

Last night, AGAIN, with no Austin, Keith and I carved pumpkins and baked seeds.. 
We got a little kit, and it was really fun ( and romantic, hahha) 
cutting out the 'guts'
washing the seeds
caving out design
I am reallly concentrating..

we First ran our errands, and then when out scouting for deer... ( in an undisclosed location, for our hunting secrecy) 
We found deer, coyote, AND moose tracks.. It was a lot of fun..
looking at some tracks
coyote tracks
moose tracks, you cant tell, but they were HUGE!!
By this time I was ready to pass out from all the hiking, and the not-being-able-to-breathe-out-of-my-nose problems I was having..
I was in luck, because our next stop was our 3RD ANNUAL trip to Rangley, to see the peak of the foliage at the height of the lands..
Yes, 2/3's of the clan have colds, and are therefore a wee bit cranky, but we had fun..
It was about 60 miles to get there, and me and Austin both napped ( much needed I might add)
It was not as cold as last year, but it was still a little chilly..

When we left, Austin waved " buh-bye" for another year...

we napped some more..
and came home to the surprise mommy had made..
And by this time, he was in a good mood, and ready to play.. 

After such a long and fun, and tiring day..
we took baths and went to bed..

brushing our hair


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