Thursday, October 21, 2010


Just wanted to check in to 
"update" y'all on our week so far..

This online schooling is getting easier for me to deal with. Keith is so amazed at all the technologies there are.. It is like being in a class room, except better, because I can sit in my pjs, and listen to Grey's in the background.

The juggling the three classes is working out so well..

it doesn't leave me too much time to do other things. 
All the colds, and school, and Keith's massive overtime,
its so diffucult..
Tomorrow night is date night, our weekly 'Lost' night..
( almost done season two)
Saturday we are getting things done around the house, because we won't have much time..
HUNTING starts
NEXT week..
Which means, all evenings, and weekends, until dark Keith will be a stranger to us.. haha
He LOVES it!
AND we love him...

Whilst he is out getting us some grub, Austin and I will be attending a festical day at PUMPKIN LAND..
so dont worry.. LOTS OF PICTURES to come..

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