Thursday, October 14, 2010

I gotta say - im spread pretty thin right now...

It's true, I just gotta say it.
Even though  I am not working right now, these past couple days have been of blur of busy, busy, busy..

Doctors appointments, sick baby, day care routines, school starting, I am taking TWO online classes, which sound really simple and easy, but its not, I actually think its more work than an in-class class..

I am overwhelmed because I am taking THREE classes, all of which I must get B's in... ( and by must, I mean I must because I am making myself have a good GPA)

I haven't received my uniform for my clinical, and class is TONIGHT, so I am gonna say, I will be the only one in street clothes, 

ahh that doesn't bother me as much as having a class with a professor who thought I was pregnant for the longest time, when I left school this summer, he must of thought something awful happened, because I AM NOT PREGNANT... I never corrected him the first couple times, just because it was more of an insult to me and my weight, and I didnt want ot be any more embarrassed or ashamed than I already was.. So I let him think it.. and say it...
oh whatever, I am not that big anyway... 
But I was big-ger this past spring..
maybe the couple pounds that slimmed off, will get him thinking that I am just a normal girl, not with child...

The house isnt messy, which is usually cause for chaos in my head, but the book shelf is not done ( this Saturday! * fingers crossed) so Austin's room is not the way it should be..

Nothing too exciting, but just busy for me.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night, its our date night, and we will stay in and finish season three of lost..

Thats what I am talking about..

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