Sunday, October 10, 2010

My weekend - no ozzy, deer, painting, and FUN FUN FUN

My austin-less weekend, ( IN MY DREAMS) would consist of me staying up really late, sleeping in late, walking around in my pj's, watch some t.v., eat some food, and basically do much of nothing. 
But of course I am weird. And cannot relax if there is not a clean and tidy house FIRST.
Keith is is the opposite, he wants to relax then clean.
I want to get everything out of the way, then crack a beer and just relax.
Both ways are fine, I'm sure. But I secretly think Keith only does this, so I will do everything whilst he is relaxing, and by the time I am done he will be ready to help. 
It's cool, I like things a certain way, and so we sortta are perfect for each other in that way.


Weekends that Austin is gone, is nice to have a break, but when he IS gone, I tend to really miss him. I miss his playfulness, his toes ( they are really cute) I miss having him in his bed, to go check on...
But I know he loves going to great grammies, and it's important. 
( right?)
I always like to do SOMETHING while he is gone, so I feel like I wasn't a complete sloth while he was away.
This weekend was no exception. 
We put the boat away. fun-fun
I cleaned my car..
I painted a bookcase
BEFORE I painted the shelf!
this is after one coat
 I still have one more coat to do...

ALLLL the chores are done! Tomorrow morning I am not guilty to admit I AM SLEEPING IN!
which yes, means I have no bedtime. 
( if you feel bad for Keith, let me just say, he slept this weekend, to catch up on his zzz's)
We had a good weekend, I learn a lot when we go out in the woods scouting, Keith teaches me a lot, and I actually have fun. ( some may believe all I do is sit my ass in front of this screen alll day)
things I learn...

a male deer's pre-rut ritual. He will scrape away at the ground, underneath a fern tree, until it is bare dirt, and then he will leave his scent for a doe to find.. ( and yes, by leave scent I do mean, pee in)
and if you are wondering, when the doe comes across this, she will then pee in it as well. Usually it will mean that " she is his" ( so to speak)

Usually there is one dominant buck in the "neighborhood" this dude, gets first dibs on any doe he wants. and that means, sometimes, he steals his lesser-horned buck friends, pee mates, out from under him..
sometimes they FIGHT over her. ( how romantic, right?)
this was cool, because we could see his hoof mark IN the ground( it was fresh)
We came across this area, that have DOZENS of scrapes on the floor of the trees. It was so amazing..
the cold weather sends the boys into rut early. Which can be good for hunters like dear old Keith,( or should I say deer)
When buck are in "RUT" they are not on their best games, instead they dont eat, and act like horned up teenage boys.. This means that they will easier to track, or shoot.
By the end of the season, a 225 pound buck could be down under 200, because he doesn't eat, all that dude cares about is getting him some tail..

It is so interesting.. TO ME.. haha

This week is special for two reasons..
1) SCHOOL STARTS! I am soo stoked about it. I am taking THREE classes, so it will be busy, BUT totally worth it!
Did I mention... It is my LAST semester...
and 2) ITS APPLE WEEK, a self ordained celebration of apples, and autumn, in which I bake apple filled baked goods throughout the entire week, and... eat them... ha-ha
doesn't that sound good?

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  1. i scrolled down to far and put a comment on the wrong post. Sorry. I wrote the bookcase looks a lot better now!!