Sunday, October 17, 2010

One crazy jam packed weekend..

I don't even know where this weekend started or where it ended. 
We did soooo much! 

Saturday we went down to New Hampshire to get some winter apparel for the whole family.
We had never been, and the deals were fantastic..

Austin's winter clothes..

These outlet mall stores, are a secret treasure.. where everything is so much cheaper than the stores in the malls. 

Austins new KICKS!!

these are so special because he picked them out himself
The Christmas tree shop
another secret treasure..
Keith had never been, and LOVED it..
look what we got for 5$...
( yes we are going back very very soon)
I am so excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners this year..

Today I went to a couple flea markets with Austin and Gram. 
Austin has really been a trooper this weekend, having this cold, and not acting out too much while doing all this shopping..

I got this lamp, that looks like a Tiffany lamp ( MY DREAM LAMP) it was $5, and I had to have it.

Date Night.. was a ' lets-stay-in-night'
we watched season three of our newest favorite show "Lost"
( we have never seen it before so shut up and dont ruin it for us)
and ate spinach,Alfredo, and artichoke dip.. WOW, we are converts.. It was amazing..

What made our date night even better? Our two year old coming to lay between us, because he heard our T.V. on..

School has been going great. I am juggling the three classes quite well. 
It hasn't gotten overwhelming yet, and I think its because I am staying on top of it ( so far)

Austin got this too..

In NUNNY news..
It is all gone, the last one went to Nunny heaven, and Austin fell asleep without it. It is about time, I know, I know.. 
And he was so tired he didn't put up much of a fight, and neither am I for that matter..
I am soo beat!

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