Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas should be cliche- Im a Christmas junkie

This time of year makes me feel..

very... happy, very souful, very

Most mothers across this nation put up trees and make cookies and wreaths, and try to make memories for their children.
I am no exception to this rule..
After finding out I was pregnant with my son, a switch turned on,
I began thinking about what our family would be like, and how it would be differnt than ours was growing up..
We would sit around and talk about our dreams for our family, and all the things we wanted to continue doing that we did as children.
It was great..And now that I have a happy to participate toddler on my hands..



We can sit down and color, and paste, and glitter and cut contruction paper..

Today we made ornaments..

We traced our hands..

cut them out..

made some pops borders..

added glitter and some funky cuts..

(yes his pinky fell off.. )


More than normal, we have been baking away, every day ( it seems)
we make some new goodie..
Luckily we have such gret neighbors who LOVE being our guinnee pigs..

These are Daddys favorite..
and they didnt even make it into the cookie jar.

Today I tried something new..
Chocolate pudding chip cookies..
we made mini ones..
I cant wait to bring some to the neighbors tomorrow.


I have probally already told you about it,
but thinking about it melts my heart.
Austin is so adorable when he tries helping hang ornaments..
( he even trys hanging toys and food when I am not looking)

( "wow cools" )

HE even gets mad when he doesnt get to do it HIS way

This is Keith trying to trim the top..
It didnt work..
so behold..
 she sits on our counter, until Keith brings home the snips.

ALL our shopping AND wrapping is done..
ALL my menus and recipes are done..
Now it is just a numbers game, waiting for Christmas week to begin..


Hunting season is over..

wont get sick of these hanging around..

Here are some pics of Austin just playing..

( as if the extra R's really give justice to my addiction to Christmas)

Lets hope that Father Christmas will be working out some deal with Mother Nature so we can have 5 feet of SNOW!!!!
I mean WE ARE IN MAINE...  These dustings are such a tease, and we wanna make snowmen and go sleighriding......
Love, the Moshers..

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