Sunday, December 12, 2010

13 days till Christmas

I felt so swamped this weekend..

I had a cold for the few days of the week, my vacuume broke on Wednesday, I lost my scrub brush in the snow..and Austin wanted to give me a preview of what the terrible twos will look like..
(there I am done venting)

needless to say.. I was very happy AND THANKFUL
when he went over for a sleepover at great grammies house..
I sat in my housepants and didnt do a lot, except eat cough drops and watch Lost..

It was a MUCH NEEDED break..
and I feel refreshed and ready to go!!

only 13 days until the BIG DAY!!!

but what I love about us, we have so many differnt Christmas days to countdown to, its like all of December is Christmas..

Today we got our picture taken with Santa ( havent gotten it yet)
Austin loved Santa, unless he talked, or stepped too close..

Either way.. its all about the memories..

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